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North America Medical Device Manufacturers Trust Our Design Services

North Americans rely on modern hospitals with advanced digital healthcare technologies. Medical grade computers and mobile devices that support patient monitoring, data acquisition services, and wireless transmission are essential for streamlined patient care in clinical environments. Embedded Technologies Inc. (ETI) provides medical-grade embedded computers that enable hospitals and clinical institutions to deliver optimum patient care in a wide range of healthcare environments.

Embedded computer technologies for use in the medical sector require the highest security and reliability in order to meet standards and pass necessary certifications. Applications range from high-performance systems such as stationary tomography (MRT, CRT) and semi-stationary ultrasound and diagnostic devices, to small mobile and ultra-mobile devices for use in diagnostics and care.

Protect Your Patients with iWave Systems

Embedded Technologies Inc. supports hospitals and their patients with the latest embedded board and module technologies for specialized medical devices. To ensure successful integration and unparalleled service, we create each product using state-of-the-art hardware from iWave Systems. Developed to meet the leading standards, our solutions offer comprehensive, industry-specific driver support and convenience—with full-service custom designs that can be easily integrated into your current system.

Thanks to the consistent use of components with long-term availability, ETI’s embedded boards and modules are ideally suited for medical products with complex certification procedures. If required, customer variants can even be frozen, which means no changes will be made without customer approval. Our products’ performance spectrum ranges from energy-efficient, ultra-low power ARM processor technology with passive cooling for handheld ultrasound devices, to higher-end x86 platforms. For all these tasks, ETI works closely with clients to develop a solution specific to your needs.

Discover the full breadth of our system on module (SoM) capabilities—from AI surgical technologies to comprehensive diagnostic software. Advance your processes with our cutting-edge products. Get in touch with ETI today.

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