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OS Porting Solutions and Firmware Support: Meeting North America’s OEM Needs

Industrial OEM companies cannot thrive without customized SOM SBCs, which is why Embedded Technologies, Inc is a provider of iWave Systems products, custom FGPA, hardware design services, and OS Porting. By offering the best physical and programming answers, ETI is the right choice for all OEM inquiries.

The SOM and SBC hardware iWave designs is perfectly adaptable for all different industrial applications. Of course, ETI understands that no hardware is complete without the right software and firmware. We make sure industrial hardware manufacturers from California to Maine operate smoothly with turnkey OS assistance. If computers need to run Linux from day one, or if the iWave COMs we supply must be formatted for both Android and iOS connectivity, we install and design the embedded applications within all set parameters. No time or money is wasted on our client’s end.

Don’t Forget the Single Board Computers

TI’s solutions don’t stop at just SOMs. With iWave’s help, we also sell single board computers (SBC) tailored to each industry’s specific market standards. Power-efficient box PCs help our clients save money on electric bills and operate a quiet workspace. Exceedingly hygienic panel PCs are a vital addition to any hospital or food science environment. Any corporation that needs or wants high-standard computers can trust ETI’s SBC products.

ETI has the hardware, firmware, and software support that fuels United States’ industry. Any OEM provider looking for top-notch products can call us now for immediate answers to their pressing questions.

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