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Embedded Systems Solutions for North America

Embedded Technologies, Inc. (ETI) is North America’s source for embedded systems. We excel at assisting in the design of hardware and comprehensive advanced solutions across data-driven industries. ETI works nationwide, helping clients in all reaches of North America. Simply put, we are the answer for America’s embedded computing concerns. Our solutions get the job done.

Companies in benefit from the tools we distribute, especially if those applications that require panel PCs, embedded PCs, and single board computers. We work with closely with key suppliers worldwide to select the right hardware, and we apply the same scrutiny to the firmware we provide.

The following industries rely on our embedded processing hardware:

  • Aerospace and defense contractors trust ETI’s system on module (SOM) solutions for RADAR, SONAR, and telemetry platforms.
  • Automotive and trucking manufacturers depend on our tools for the real-time monitoring and tracking of any kind of vehicles utilizing connected devices (OBD).
  • Healthcare hardware providers utilize our embedded computing technology for advanced diagnostic services and more.

Defense & Aerospace

From embedded platform configuration to hardware design, ETI’s system support keeps planes in the air and pilots in control. Visit our site to learn more.

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Industrial OEM

At Embedded Technologies Inc., we provide all necessary hardware needed for OS Porting and single board computers. Visit our site to see all we have to offer.

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We provide high-end telecommunications solutions. Our products are industrial quality and cost effective. Learn more about our services on our site.

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Embedded Technologies Inc. proudly customizes embedded applications for the local and national automotive industries. Learn more about our programming services.

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Embedded Technologies Inc. offers data acquisition services to modernize local hospitals’ digital healthcare technology. Visit our site to learn more.

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Product Solutions

At Embedded Technologies Inc., we design and implement embedded applications and product solutions to help your company thrive. Visit our site to learn more.

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Toll-Free: 1-800 500 5719

Phone: 760-598-2870

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System Configuration Experts at Your Service

ETI’s expertise isn’t restricted to just hardware. Our expansive history with firmware development, applied computing, and system configuration is a key resource in any business strategy. We make sure the simple tasks execute perfectly so the complex operations perform unimpeded. Our systems keep your planes in the air, your cars on the road, and your products on the shelves.

If you are ready for next-level, high-tech solutions, ETI is ready to take your call. Contact us for peak computing solutions and form factors that fit your market.

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