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Our Embedded Applications Support North America’s Vehicles

In North America’s competitive automotive and trucking industry, manufacturers need high quality technology for their vehicles. Embedded Technologies, Inc., is the leading supplier of cutting-edge embedded applications. ETI customizes embedded systems for local and national manufacturers. Our modules endure long-term use, withstand demanding conditions, and deliver unmatched processing speed and communication accuracy.

Californians have long commutes. Hoosiers have brutal winters. Weather, geography, and traffic patterns considered—every American has a unique driving challenge that requires a durable automotive and trucking system. We design our SOMs to survive repeated exposure to extreme temperatures, intensive vibrations, and sudden shocks. From coupes to delivery trucks, vehicles of every size and purpose experiencing tough conditions rely on ETI’s meticulous standards of quality.

Every SOM needs dependable firmware. ETI’s applied computing expertise includes configuring modules for CANbus connectivity. Whether our modules are monitoring fuel economy and emissions or simplifying commutes through real-time GPS signaling, our programming guarantees results that set you apart from the competition and keep your clients satisfied.

Why Invest in an Embedded SOC and SOM from iWave?

Modern automotive and trucking systems demand precise input and top processing speeds for vehicle performance and driver safety. To meet this need, Embedded Technologies, Inc.’s first choice is always iWave embedded SOC and SOMs. iWave Systems is one of the leaders in the field of SOM, COM, and SBC fabrication. Non-critical systems such as electric seats, windows, and mirrors keep operators as comfortable as possible, a crucial aspect of vehicle design for commercial drivers. ABS, ESC, TCS, fault detection, and other critical systems built with iWave technology meet and exceed hard real-time constraints, guaranteeing timely automatic response to the variety of hazards all drivers face on the road.

ETI equips automotive and commercial vehicles with high quality, durable, and dependable systems. We meet and exceed all hardware and software requirements set before us by our clients. Looking to distinguish yourself as a leading vehicle manufacturer? Reach out to us today for comprehensive automotive and trucking system solutions.

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