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North American Defense and Aerospace Embedded Systems

Embedded Technologies, Inc. (ETI) earns the trust of North America’s defense and transportation hubs with trusted aerospace embedded systems. We supply and design the systems that planes need for safe, efficient flights. From configuration to hardware design, ETI’s system support keeps aircraft in the air and pilots in control.

Both air defense and civilian aerospace are fields of constant technological evolution. The embedded input systems for RADAR, SONAR, naval systems, and aircraft must be increasingly complex, innovative, and reliable. We tailor each SOM to exceed current standards, keeping holistic systems alive in extreme circumstances. Communication system hardware needs to be rugged, and ETI makes sure that your equipment never fails.

Don’t Trust Just Any Embedded Platform—Trust Ours

For proof of ETI’s ability to adapt, look no further than our embedded platform solutions. Plane and drone technologies along with autonomous vehicles evolve to become more effective defense tools. Commercial airlines not only renovate their planes for safer flights, but are conscientious of the in-flight entertainment and want to ensure a pleasant journey. These innovations require updated hardware, which requires updated software frameworks and computing applications in turn.

With change as the standard, ETI rises to the challenge. We find new ways to maintain the ideal environment for all system operations. We help you chart the path forward.

ETI is a choice embedded systems provider for the United States’ premier aerospace and defense companies. We help our clients provide safety and security to the citizens of our country. Contact us today for quality systems.

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