ETI's provides a wide range of enclosures to meet just about any platform requirement. We offer various slot count and sizes for VME, cPCI, PC104 and Industrial PC. Additionally, we offer custom services that allow you to tailor the enclosure to meet your physical requirements.

Your requirements can be as simple as custom paint or as complex as custom back planes or redundant power.

  • Development Chassis for cPCI and VME
  • Embedded Enclosures for cPCI, VME, PC104
  • Custom Enclosures
  • Industrial Rackmount Systems

Applications can require different solutions based on anticipated volumes. Prototyping or low volume standard product will generally be produced by a Domestic Source. If economics dictate an off-shore Manufacturer will be used once volumes reach production quantities. All of the regulatory requirements of the program will continue to be supported even with an off-shore supplier.