ETI serves the Medical, Automation, Aerospace, Sonar and Radar Markets. In addition, we also focus on any market where long life products, revision control, configuration control, change notification are requirements. If your products will be exposed to hostile environments such as vibration and extended temperature our products and services may also fit your needs.

Reliability and repairable products are 2 additional cornerstones of embedded products. Both of these issues must be addressed during the initial design phase of products. They must be key elements all the way through the manufacturing process. Each point is considered prior to offering a product to the Embedded Market.

Careful selection of Products offered by ETI is a continuous process. Some manufacturers will change their focus and determine that the embedded market is a market that matches their design and manufacturing capabilities. In addition, new functionality is introduced as different technologies become available.

Please contact us with your requirements. We will strive to satisfy the needs of your market.