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Product Solutions - iWave Systems Technologies

iWave Systems Technologies, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, established in the year 1999, focuses on standard and customized System on Module/SBC product development in Industrial, Medical, Automotive & Embedded Computing application domains. iWave Systems also provides comprehensive Engineering design services involving Embedded Hardware, FPGA and Software development.

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iWave’s Hardware expertise spans complex board design up to 30 layers; Analog, Digital & RF Designs; FPGA Development up to 3+ million gates and VHDL / Verilog RTL Development & Verification. Our Software expertise ranges from OS Porting, Firmware & Device Drivers Development and Wireless & Protocol Stacks to Embedded Application Development.

The company designs and develops cutting edge products and solutions. iWave has been an innovator in developing highly integrated, high performance, low power and low cost System-On-Modules(SOM) and Development Platforms. iWave has been able to develop advanced products for its customers using its SOMs in the shortest possible time at the most optimized design cost.

iWave Systems has won the confidence of its esteemed customers spread across the globe by being a reliable design partner in developing innovative products. iWave’s typical customers are semiconductor chip designers, RTOS & Protocol vendors and OEMs. Our services portfolio comprises Turnkey Design, Test and Prototype (NPI) & ODM and Onsite resourcing support. Our solution offerings cover Customization, Licensing and ODM. iWave specializes across Industrial, Automotive and Medical Domains. iWave Systems is headquartered in Bangalore, India with offices in Japan and France.

System On Modules

Product Model Description Type Price Details
Image Placeholderi.MX8MiW-RainboW-G27M i.MX8M SMARC System On ModuleSMARC$CallView
iW-RainboW-G27M i.MX8 SMARC SOM i.MX8iW-RainboW-G27M i.MX8 SMARC SOMSMARC$CallView
iW-RainboW-G25M Snapdragon 820 SMARC System On Module820 SMARCiW-RainboW-G25M Snapdragon 820 SMARC System On ModuleSMARC$CallView
W-RainboW-G21M-Q7 RZ/G1H Qseven System On Module RZ/G1HiW-RainboW-G21M-Q7 RZ/G1H Qseven System On ModuleQseven$CallView
iW-RainboW-G20M-Q7 RZ/G1M,G1N Qseven System On Module RZ/G1M G1NiW-RainboW-G20M-Q7 RZ/G1M,G1N Qseven System On ModuleQseven$CallView
iW-RainboW-G15M-Q7 i.MX6 Qseven System On Module i.MX6iW-RainboW-G15M-Q7 i.MX6 Qseven System On ModuleQseven$CallView
iW-RainboW-G17M-Q7 Cyclone V SoC System On Module Cyclone ViW-RainboW-G17M-Q7 Cyclone V SoC System On ModuleQseven/FPGA$CallView
iW-RainboW-G12M-Q7 DaVinci DM8168 Qseven SOM DM8168iW-RainboW-G12M-Q7 DaVinci DM8168 Qseven SOMQseven$CallView
iW-RainboW G8M-Q7 i.MX51 Qseven System On Module i.MX51iW-RainboW G8M-Q7 i.MX51 Qseven System On ModuleQseven$CallView
iW-RainboW-G28M Zynq 7000 SoC / FPGA System On ModuleZynq 7000iW-RainboW-G28M Zynq 7000 SoC / FPGA System On ModuleSODIMM/FPGA$CallView
iW-RainboW-G22M-SM RZ/G1E SODIMM System On Module RZ/G1EiW-RainboW-G22M-SM RZ/G1E SODIMM System On ModuleSODIMM$CallView
iW-RainboW-G18M-SM i.MX6ULL SODIMM System On Modulei.MX6ULLiW-RainboW-G18M-SM i.MX6ULL SODIMM System On ModuleSODIMM$CallView
iW-RainboW-G18M-SM i.MX6 Ultra Lite SODIMM System On Module i.MX6 UltraiW-RainboW-G18M-SM i.MX6 Ultra Lite SODIMM System On ModuleSODIMM$CallView
iW-RainboW-G15M-SM i.MX6 SODIMM System On Module i.MX6iW-RainboW-G15M-SM i.MX6 SODIMM System On ModuleSODIMM$CallView
iW-RainboW-G18D i.MX6UL SODIMM Development Platform i.MX6ULiW-RainboW-G18D i.MX6UL SODIMM Development PlatformSODIMM$CallView
Image PlaceholderZynqiW-RainboW-G30M Zynq UltraScale+ SoC / FPGA System On ModuleFPGA$CallView
iW-RainboW-G24M Arria 10 SoC / FPGA System On Module Arria 10 SoCiW-RainboW-G24M Arria 10 SoC / FPGA System On ModuleFPGA$CallView
iW-RainboW-G16M-µMXM Vybrid VF6xx / VF5xx µMXM SOVybrid VF6xxiW-RainboW-G16M-µMXM Vybrid VF6xx / VF5xx µMXM SOCustom$CallView
iW-RainboW-G15M-MXM i.MX6 MXM System On Module i.MX6 MXMiW-RainboW-G15M-MXM i.MX6 MXM System On ModuleCustom$CallView
RainboW-G11M-MXM i.MX53 MXM System On Module i.MX53 MXMRainboW-G11M-MXM i.MX53 MXM System On ModuleCustom$CallView
RainboW-G6M-Q7 Atom Z5xx Qseven SOM Atom Z5xxRainboW-G6M-Q7 Atom Z5xx Qseven SOMLegacy$CallView
i.MX51 System On Modulei.MX51i.MX51 System On ModuleLegacy$CallView
iW-RainboW-G3 i.MX27 System On Module i.MX27iW-RainboW-G3 i.MX27 System On ModuleLegacy$CallView
iW-RainboW-G9M PPC MPC 864x XMC / PrPMC PPC MPC 864xiW-RainboW-G9M PPC MPC 864x XMC / PrPMCLegacy$CallView
RainboW-G14M FPGA Radar Interface Card FPGA RadarRainboW-G14M FPGA Radar Interface CardLegacyLegacyView

Development Platforms

Product Model Description Type Price Details
iW-RainboW-G25D Snapdragon 820 SMARC Development KitSnapdragoniW-RainboW-G25D Snapdragon 820 SMARC Development KitSMARC$CallView
iW-RainboW-G21D-Qseven RZ/G1H Qseven Development Kit RZ/G1HiW-RainboW-G21D-Qseven RZ/G1H Qseven Development KitQseven$CallView
iW-RainboW-G20D-Qseven RZ/G1M,G1N Qseven Development Platform RZ/G1M,G1NiW-RainboW-G20D-Qseven RZ/G1M,G1N Qseven Development PlatformQseven$CallView
i.MX6 Qseven Development Platformi.MX6i.MX6 Qseven Development PlatformQseven$CallView
Altera Cyclone V SoC Development PlatformAlteraAltera Cyclone V SoC Development PlatformQseven$CallView
i.MX51 Qseven Development Kiti.MX51i.MX51 Qseven Development KitQseven$CallView
DM8168 Qseven Development PlatformDM8168DM8168 Qseven Development PlatformQseven$CallView
iW-RainboW-G18D i.MX6ULL SODIMM Development Platformi.MX6ULLiW-RainboW-G18D i.MX6ULL SODIMM Development PlatformSODIMM$CallView
iW-RainboW-G22D-SODIMM RZ/G1E SODIMM Development Platform RZ/G1EiW-RainboW-G22D-SODIMM RZ/G1E SODIMM Development PlatformSODIMM$CallView
iW-RainboW-G18D i.MX6UL SODIMM Development Platformi.MX6ULiW-RainboW-G18D i.MX6UL SODIMM Development PlatformSODIMM$CallView
iW-RainboW-G24D Arria 10 SoC FPGA Development PlatformArria 10 SoCiW-RainboW-G24D Arria 10 SoC FPGA Development PlatformFPGA/Custom$CallView
iW-RainboW-G17D Altera Cyclone V SoC Development PlatformAltera CycloiW-RainboW-G17D Altera Cyclone V SoC Development PlatformFPGA$CallView
iW-RainboW-G16D Vybrid uMXM Development PlatformVybrid uMXMiW-RainboW-G16D Vybrid uMXM Development PlatformCustom$CallView
i.MX6 MXM Development Platformi.MX6 MXMi.MX6 MXM Development PlatformCustom$CallView
iW-RainboW-G11D i.MX53 MXM Development Kit i.MX53 MXMiW-RainboW-G11D i.MX53 MXM Development KitCustom$CallView
iW-RainboW-G6D Atom Z5xx Development PlatformAtom Z5xxiW-RainboW-G6D Atom Z5xx Development PlatformLegacy$CallView
iW-RainboW-G8D i.MX51 Development Kit i.MX51iW-RainboW-G8D i.MX51 Development KitLegacy$CallView
iW-RainboW-G4D PXA 270 Development KitPXA 270iW-RainboW-G4D PXA 270 Development KitLegacy$CallView

Single Board Computers

Product Model Description Type Price Details
iW-RainboW-G23S RZ/G1C Single Board Computer RZ/G1CiW-RainboW-G23S RZ/G1C Single Board ComputerSingle Board$CallView
iW-RainboW-G25S Snapdragon 820 SBC SnapdragoniW-RainboW-G25S Snapdragon 820 SBCSingle Board$CallView
iW-RainboW-G15S Single Board Computer i.MX6 Pico ITX Single BoardiW-RainboW-G15S Single Board Computer i.MX6 Pico ITXSingle Board$CallView
iW-RainboW-G22S RZ/G1E Single Board ComputerRZ/G1EiW-RainboW-G22S RZ/G1E Single Board ComputerSingle Board$CallView
iW-RainboW-G16S Vybrid Pico ITX SBCVybrid PicoiW-RainboW-G16S Vybrid Pico ITX SBCSingle Board$CallView
RainboW-G13S i.MX50 QSB i.MX50 QSBRainboW-G13S i.MX50 QSBSingle Board$CallView
RainboW-G3V i.MX27 SBCi.MX27 SBCRainboW-G3V i.MX27 SBCSingle Board$CallView

Board Support Packages

Product Model Description Type Price Details
Windows Embedded Compact 7 on i.MX6 Pico ITX SBCPico ITX SBCWindows Embedded Compact 7 on i.MX6 Pico ITX SBCBoard Support$CallView
Windows Embedded Compact 7 on i.MX6 SABRE SDP/SDB SABRE SDP/SDWindows Embedded Compact 7 on i.MX6 SABRE SDP/SDBBoard Support$CallView
Windows Embedded Compact 7 on i.MX6 Rainbow G15DRainbow G15DWindows Embedded Compact 7 on i.MX6 Rainbow G15DBoard Support$CallView
Windows Embedded Compact 7 on i.MX53 Rainbow G11DRainbow G11DWindows Embedded Compact 7 on i.MX53 Rainbow G11DBoard Support$CallView

Product Solutions

Product Model Description Type Price Details
HMI Solution HMI SolutionHMI SolutionProduct$CallView
iW-RainboW-G26 Connected Car Device - OBD IIOBD IIiW-RainboW-G26 Connected Car Device - OBD IIProduct$CallView
Wi-Fi enabled PLC system eYe - enhance Your efficiencyeYeWi-Fi enabled PLC system eYe - enhance Your efficiencyProduct$CallView
i.MX6 Based Digital Signage Solutioni.MX6 Basedi.MX6 Based Digital Signage SolutionProduct$CallView
iW-RainboW-G29 Rugged Handheld Computer HandheldiW-RainboW-G29 Rugged Handheld ComputerProduct$CallView
POC-Car PC POC-Car PCPOC-Car PCProduct$CallView
POC-Videophone VideophonePOC-VideophoneProduct$CallView
POC- Rear View CameraCameraPOC- Rear View CameraProduct$CallView


Product Model Description Type Price Details
80186EC Processor80186EC80186EC ProcessorProcessor$CallView
80186XL Processor80186XL80186XL ProcessorProcessor$CallView
80188XL Processor80188XL80188XL ProcessorProcessor$CallView
80188EB Processor80188EB80188EB ProcessorProcessor$CallView
8237 DMA Controller 8237 DMA8237 DMA ControllerPeripheral$CallView
8259A Interrupt Controller8259A8259A Interrupt ControllerPeripheral$CallView
8254 Programmable Timer 82548254 Programmable TimerPeripheral$CallView
8251 Serial Controller8251 Serial8251 Serial ControllerPeripheral$CallView
8530 Multi-Protocol Controller8530 Multi8530 Multi-Protocol ControllerPeripheral$CallView
SATA Host Controller SATA HostSATA Host ControllerStorage$CallView
SD / SDIO Host Controller 3.0SD/SDIO HostSD / SDIO Host Controller 3.0Storage$CallView
NAND Flash Controller NAND FlashNAND Flash ControllerStorage$CallView
SD / SDIO / MMC Host ControllerSD/SDIO/MMCSD / SDIO / MMC Host ControllerStorage$CallView
SD Memory Slave ControllerSD MemorySD Memory Slave ControllerStorage$CallView
SDIO Slave ControllerSDIO SlaveSDIO Slave ControllerStorage$CallView
Serial FPDP (sFPDP) Serial FPDPSerial FPDP (sFPDP)Interface$CallView
SDIO to UART Controller SDIO to UARTSDIO to UART ControllerInterface$CallView
PCI ControllerPCI ControlPCI ControllerInterface$CallView
PCIe to UART BridgePCIe to UARTPCIe to UART BridgeInterface$CallView
PCIe-ISA Bridge PCIe-ISAPCIe-ISA BridgeInterface$CallView
PCIe to SD/MMC BridgePCIe to SDPCIe to SD/MMC BridgeInterface$CallView
DMA Core for PCIe Hard IPDMA CoreDMA Core for PCIe Hard IPInterface$CallView
VME Slave IP Core (VME to AXI Bus Bridge) VME Slave IPVME Slave IP Core (VME to AXI Bus Bridge)Interface$CallView
ARINC 818-2 IP CoreARINC 818-2ARINC 818-2 IP CoreVideo$CallView
Alpha BlenderAlpha BlendAlpha BlenderVideo$CallView
LCD/HDMI Video Output Interface LCD/HDMILCD/HDMI Video Output InterfaceVideo$CallView
Video Encoder InterfaceVideo EncodeVideo Encoder InterfaceVideo$CallView
Video ScalerVideo ScalerVideo ScalerVideo$CallView
Chroma ResamplerChromaChroma ResamplerVideo$CallView
Color Space ConversionColor SpaceColor Space ConversionVideo$CallView
Video DeInterlacer DeInterlacerVideo DeInterlacerVideo$CallView
Video Decoder InterfaceDecoderVideo Decoder InterfaceVideo$CallView
Camera/HDMI Video Input InterfaceCamera/HDMICamera/HDMI Video Input InterfaceVideo$CallView
FMC Add-On CardsFMC Add-OnFMC Add-On CardsFMC Add-On$CallView



iWave's RZ/G1H development board incorporates RZ/G1H Qseven SOM Which is based on Renesas high performance RZ/G1H Quad ARM Cortex A15 MPU and the carrier board with optional 7” capacitive display kit. The development board can be used for quick prototyping of various applications targeted by the RZ/G1H processor. With the 120mm x120 mm Nano ITX size, the kit is highly packed with all the necessary on-board connectors to validate the RZ/G1H MPU features.

Product Specifications

RZ/G1H Qseven SOM:

  • RZ/G1H Quad A15 @ 1.4GHz + Quad A7 @ 780MHz MPU
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2MB SPI NOR Flash
  • 4GB eMMC Flash
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet PHY
  • 10/100 Ethernet PHY
  • HDMI transmitter

Qseven Carrier Board:

  • SATA – 1 Port1
  • PCIe – 1 Port1
  • Gigabit Ethernet – 1 Port
  • LVDS display – 2 Ports2
  • HDMI display – 1 Port2
  • USB3.0 Host – 1 Port
  • USB 2.0 Host – 2 Ports
  • USB 2.0 OTG – 1 Port
  • SD Slot – 1 Port
  • 7” Display with CAP touch3
  • Audio Codec, In/Out Jack  
  • Serial Console on USB port
  • Data UART – 1 Port
  • CAN PHY – 1 Port
  • IO expansion connectors
  • 12V, 2A DC Input
  • Nano ITX Size: 120mm x 120mm

Camera Daughter Board4:

  • 8-Bit Camera – 4 Ports5
  • Optional 16-Bit Camera – 2 Ports5
  • CAN PHY – 2nd Port
  • Optional RS232 – 4 Ports

Temperature Support:

  • 0°C to +60°C

OS Support:

  • Linux 3.10.31

REACH & RoHS Compliant

Note1: SATA and PCIe are multiplexed in the RZ/G1H MPU. Only one can be supported at a time. SATA is supported in the default configuration
Note2: LVDS 2nd port is multiplexed with HDMI. Only one can be supported at a time. HDMI port is supported in the default configuration   
Note3: 7” Capacitive Display kit is optional feature
Note4: Camera daughter board is optional feature
Note5: Dual 16-Bit Camera ports are multiplexed with the 8-bit camera ports. By default, 8-Bit Camera port is supported.


  • Quad Cortex-A15 @ 1.4GHz, Quad Cortex-A7 @ 780MHz
  • PowerVR G6400 3D Graphic core @ 520MHz
  • USB3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe, SATA, LVDS IOs
  • Simultaneous Full HD Encode & Decode
  • Four channel Video input
  • 7” display Kit with cap touch screen
  • Industrial Linux with 10-year support

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