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Micronix SBC-2800 is a Single Board Computer module based on the Atmel AT91SAM9G20
microcontroller. A combination of a power supply, a charger for an external Li-Ion battery, a GSM/
GPRS modem, a GPS receiver and analogue and digital I/O makes this module very useful in many
standalone applications. The SBC-2800 uses the Telit GE863-GPS with a quad band (900/950/1800/
1900 MHz) cellular engine and a SiRFstarIIITM single chip GPS receiver.
The power supply can be backed-up by an external Li-Ion battery. A built-in charger will insure that the
battery is fully charged. A power down mode with wake-up on timer or external input allows very long
operation on battery power.

The SBC-2800 has 16 isolated analogue inputs (±10V, 0-2.0V or 0-20mA), enabling data acquisition
with a resolution up to 24 bits. 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs (all opto-isolated) allow the user to
control auxiliary equipment. Wireless communication is supported by the GPRS and SMS features of
the GSM/GPRS modem. The SIM card is inserted in a push-push SIM card socket placed on a
GSM/GPRS/GPS sub module.

The SBC-2800 comes with a Linux system installed. It has data logging software that logs analogue
and digital inputs periodically or based on input events, and stores data in internal RAM or Flash, or on
a Micro SD card. The system has a web interface for configuration and data retrieval, accessible
through a direct USB connection to a PC, through GPRS, or through Ethernet (using a USB Ethernet

The Micronix SBC-2800 represents the latest development within GSM/GPRS technology and holds
all the necessary approvals (R&TTE and GCF). The SBC-2800 is ideal for data logging and alarm
systems. The SBC-2800 withstands extended temperatures, shock and vibration of mobile equipment.

Product Specifications

 400 MHz ARM9 microcontroller
 32 MB on-board RAM
 8 MB on-board Flash
 Micro SD Flash slot
 Quad-band modem (optional)
 SiRFstarIIITM single chip GPS receiver (optional)
 GPS data via UART port (optional)
 2 x USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbps) host
 1 x USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbps) device
 2 x RS232
 8 digital inputs, opto-isolated
 8 digital outputs, opto-isolated
 16 isolated analogue inputs (±10V, 0-2.0V or 0-20mA),
24-bit sigma-delta A/D converter
 Low power consumption
 Wide temperature range: -20° to +70°C
 Low cost

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