Embedded Technologies, Inc.



Micronix PV-5127 is the most advanced PC/104 power supply, which combines high power

output, UPS function with temperature protection. Industries first ATX-compliant power supply

available on the PC/104 architecture.

Product Specifications

 Clean and filtered high power for the PC/104 bus
 Power Supply Output: +5V, +12V and 5V Stand-by
 18-35V DC input range (10 to 35V without charger)
 75 Watt output
 Intelligent UPS/Battery charger supports NiMh (using
Micronix PV-1075) and sealed lead acid batteries.
 Selectable charge current (0,5A or 1,0A)
 Battery temperature protection
 ATX control. Supports 5V Std-by, PS_On and PWR_good.
 +5V Soft-start, rise time: 10msec
 Temperature controller for external heating
 Temperature controller for external fan
 Highly compact, PC/104 compliant
 Wide temperature range: -20° to +70°C
 Low quiescent current
 High efficiency
 Low cost

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