Embedded Technologies, Inc.

i.MX27 SBC


It is an i.MX27/ARM9 processor based SBC and Development Platform. It helps developers to prototype their applications on Windows CE 6.0, Android and Linux. Since it is available in Ready To Manufacture form factors, it can be used as it is in the final product. iWave would offer customization services, if required. It is an ideal solution for customers who are looking for a quick Design Solution to their Embedded Products with the below features. iWave has flexible business models for this platform.

Product Specifications
  • 128MB DDRAM, 32MB+ NAND Flash

  • Optional Onboard:
    • 7'' LCD + Touch
    • USB 2.0 & 1.1 Host / Device
    • Dual Ethernet, Dual SD, UART
    • VGA out,Audio In/Out, Video IN/OUT

  • Optional:
    • Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS
    • GPS, Camera I/F
    • Keypad I/F & Battery


    • Supports multiple OS with different device drivers
    • SBC with 15+ design developed around this platform
      • WinCE, Linux, Android

    • Success stories:
      • Rugged Industrial terminal
      • Video phone
      • Protocol converter
      • Patient Monitoring
      • DVR, HMI