Embedded Technologies, Inc.

HMI Solution


iWave comes with the background of vast experience of SOM ODM business with added advantage of design service for industrial, automotive, health care and embedded solution. iWave’s HMI Solutions are scalable that can be expanded anytime as required and can be categorized into high-performance that is embedded into machines, low-power for process monitoring and standard ones for independent use. Not only Keeping customers’ benefits in mind, all iWave’s HMI Products are equipped with appropriate SW OS, necessary drivers and other accessories making our products ‘Application Ready’. Thus our customers needn’t have to bother about OS, Drivers / Libraries and can solely focus on usage and its applications.

Product Specifications
  • Display:
    • Support LCD with RGB, LVDS, VGA, DVI and HDMI/4K interface

  • Camera:
    • Parallel/MIPI Camera

  • Touchscreen:
    • Resistive and Capacitive touch

  • System Processor and Memory:
    • uC, Multi core High performance ARM processor to Kryo CPU
    • RAM upto 4GB memory interface
    • NOR Flash, SD, NAND, eMMC Flash, SATA

  • Peripherals:
    • Wired Connectivity (Modbus, PCIe, Ethernet, USB 2.0/3.0,
    • CAN/RS-232 /422/485(Opto Isolated)
    • Wireless connectivity (WiFi, BT, 2G/3G/4G, NB-IoT…etc)
    • I2C, SPI…etc
    • Audio

  • Operating System:
    • Linux, Andriod, Windows Embedded Compact (WEC), RTOS (FreeRTOS, VXworks, Integrity, QNX…)

  • GUI Framework:
    • TouchGFX
    • Qt
    • Silver Lite, Direct Show
    • Crank software

  • Power Supply:
    • Wide range power Input or isolated power supply
    • POE


  • ODM Business approach.

  • Open architecture feature to Quickly customize customer requirement and get manufactured/fitted into any customer application. Final product can evolve along with customer.

  • Customize performance starting from microcontroller, Multi core High performance ARM processor to Kryo CPU.

  • With complete range of processors, can support LCD from 3.5 Inch to available LCD size and resolution. Support LCD with RGB, LVDS, VGA, DVI or HDMI/4K interface.

  • Customized wired Connectivity and wireless connectivity.

  • Various OS support with suitable GUI framework.

  • Long Term product support.

  • Features like USB3.0, PoE supported.

  • One stop Shop for all Hardware, Software and Mechanical requirement of HMI solution.