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SDIO Slave Controller


SDIO Slave controller facilitates the design of SDIO cards and reduces the development time. By using this IP core, customers no longer need to spend time on handling the SD bus protocol since such function is provided by the core.

Product Specifications
  • Compliant with SD Physical Specification Version 2.00 and SDIO Specification Version 2.00.
  • Supports SPI, 1-bit and 4bit SD modes.
  • Supports SDIO Interrupt feature.
  • Supports all mandatory SDIO Commands/Response types
  • SPI Mode : CMD0, CMD5, CMD52, CMD53, CMD59
  • SD Mode : CMD0, CMD3, CMD5, CMD7, CMD52, CMD53.
  • CRC7 checking/generation for Command/Response
  • CRC16 checking/generation for Data transfer.
  • Supports High Speed Mode (up to 50MHz) of operation.
  • Support Maximum block size of 128 bytes.
  • Support Maximum multi byte data transfer of 128 bytes.
  • Data Transfer in Multi Byte and Multi Block mode using CMD53.
  • Support for CD Disable register bit of CCCR. Register bit brought out as signal from IP.
  • SDIO only implementation, Combo card features are not supported
  • Optional Code Storage Area(CSA) is not supported
  • Suspend/Resume and Read/wait Features are not supported
  • Watchdog timer to support wishbone timeout logic
  • Wishbone bus interface for user logic


  • Controller handles SD bus protocol on the card interface and provides simplified interface to user logic
  • Controller handle all the housekeeping tasks by itself without user logic intervention