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PCI Controller


PCI Controller provides an interface between the PCI bus and user interface. PCI core interface is processor independent, enabling an efficient transition to future processor generations and use with multiple processors.

Product Specifications
  • 64-bit, 33/66MHz PCI interface
  • Supported initiator commands and functions:Parity generation, parity error detection
    • Configurations read / write
    • Memory read / write, memory read multiple, memory read line
    • I/O read / write
    • Interrupt acknowledge, special cycles
    • Parity generation, parity error detection
    • Master abort

  • Supports a very generic user interface
  • Supported target commands and functionsType 0 configuration space header
    • Up to six base address registers.
    • Memory read / write, memory read multiple, memory read line
    • Target abort, target retry, target disconnect
    • I/O read / write
    • Medium speed DEVSEL timing
    • Interrupt acknowledge

  • PCI Configuration base registers are configurable from  header file


  • Compliant with PCI Specification 2.3
  • Separate initiator and target functional blocks.