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Bluetooth Interface Module


Bluetooth Interface Module provides the Bluetooth Communication between CPU Board and any Bluetooth enabled device. This Module can be used to transfer different types of files as well as commands to the CPU Board.The board is based on SPBT2632C2A Bluetooth module. DB9 Connector / 6 Pin Header is provided (as shown in Figure) for interfacing with the CPU Board. As the board is meant for developing the projects at academic level, the board comes with 7 GPIO Pins which can be used for driving external devices (LED, Relay) etc. The board has in built standard DB9 connector for PC Interface.

Product Specifications
  • Based on SPBT2632C2A Bluetooth module
  • Inbuilt standard DB9 Connector for PC interface
  • Provided with 7 GPIO's for general purpose use
  • 6 pin header for interfacing with the CPU board


  • Form Factor of 65mm x 45mm
  • Includes DB9,GPIO's and headers