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With embedded systems becoming ubiquitous, there is a growing need to teach and train upcoming engineers to be well-versed in their design and development. ALPS is meant to enable University students to evaluate several new displays, sensors, communication and I/O interfaces, hence introducing them to a rich and wide world of Embedded Systems which is indeed a unique blend of Academic and Industrial utility. The multidisciplinary nature of this gives students exposure to latest industry related technologies. This platform proposes a generic architecture that allows easy integration of predefined peripherals. The presence of multiple displays gives students a visual/interactive experience and a sense of accomplishment, while reinforcing the theoretical concepts. Truly this product is meant to redefine our slogan “Embedding Intelligence.”

Product Specifications

Pico ITX SBC Specifications:

  • CPU:
    • ARM Cortex A9
    • i.MX 6 Dual Lite (Quad compatible)
    • 1GB DDR3 (Expandable up to 2GB) 

  • Storage:
    • On-board Micro SD Slot
    • Standard SD/SDIO Slo

  • Communication Interfaces:
    • 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
    • Half mini PCIe card Connector
    • Dual USB Host Connector
    • Micro USB OTG Connector
    • CAN Header
    • JTAG Header

  • Audio & Video Interfaces:
    • AC97 Audio Codec with Audio Out Jack & Audio In Header
    • HDMI Port
    • LVDS Connector with Backlight & Resistive Touch
    • 8 Bit CMOS Camera Connector
    • 2 Lanes MIPI Camera Connector 

  • Power Input: 5V, 2.5A
  • Form Factor: Pico ITX (100mm x 72mm)

Daughter Board Specifications:

  • Display Interfaces:
    • RGB LCD( 800 x 480 resolution )
    • 16x2 Character LCD 
    • 4 Digit 7 Segment LED
    • 4 General Purpose LED’s 

  • Data Converters:
    • Analog to Digital Converter
    • Digital to Analog Converter

  • Communication Interfaces:
    • RS232
    • RS485
    • I2C Header
    • SPI Header

  • Sensors:
    • Accelerometer
    • Ambient Light Sensor
    • Proximity Sensor
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Magnetometer

  • Motor & Switch Interface:
    • Dual DC motors / Single Stepper motor
    • 6 POS DIP Switch
    • 4 Push button switches

  • Power Input: From Pico ITX SBC
  • Form Factor:100mm x 100mm


  • Creative learning approach using basic & advanced peripherals
  • Very high end Technology with Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Processor
  • With / without OS options for beginners learning / experts research
  • 7 inch Graphical LCD with touchscreen for imaging & Video Applications
  • Add ON Modules available for more advanced projects