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i.MX51 Development Kit


iW-RainboW-G8D Design Solution is based on Freescale's i.MX51 Processor operating @ 800MHz. This design uses iWave's "iW-RainboW-G8M" (i.MX51 SOM) of form factor 70mm x 70mm as its heart, which is a low power, high performance module. This module runs Linux, Android & WinCE operating systems.This design is targeted for OEMs, ODMs and any high end embedded product developers, who can adopt the design and bring out an innovative and cost-effective products within short period of time for various applications.

Product Specifications
  • 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 128MB up to 512MB
  • 128MB NAND Flash, Expandable up to 2 GB
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG 1.1 hardware accelerators
  • 10/100 Ethernet : Up-to 2 Ports
  • USB 2.0 Host and USB 1.1 Host
  • UART and Video IN & OUT
  • LCD Display 7" WVGA + Touch
  • SD/SDHC X 2
  • Optional
    • Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS
    • GPS, Camera I/F
    • Keypad I/F & Battery


  • Ideal for Quick Proof of concept (POC) development
  • Shortens 60% of the new product development life cycle
  • Supports multiple OS with different device driversTouch screen (7 Inch TFT LCD) interface
    • WinCE, Linux and Android BSP

  • Success stories
    • Industrial HMI
    • Ophthalmic
    • Patient Monitoring