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i.MX6 MXM System On Module


The i.MX6 MXM SOM is based on Freescale’s i.MX6 Series Quad/Dual/Dual Lite/Solo core processor running at 1GHz.A single ruggedized MXM edge connector provides the carrier board interface to carry all the I/O signals to and from the MXM module. With 1080p HD decoding & encoding and 2D/3D graphics an enhanced and optimized user experience is achieved .The MXM connector pinouts are fully compatible with iWave i.MX53 MXM SOM.The i.MX6 MXM SOM has an additional expansion connector to bring out the special/extra features of i.MX6 Series Quad/Dual/DualLite/Solo core processor.

Product Specifications
  • CPU: i.MX6 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 Quad/Dual/DualLite/Solo core

  • RAM:

    • 1GB DDR3 for Q/D/DL CPU (Expandable up to 4GB*)
    • 512MB DDR3 for Solo CPU (Expandable up to 2GB*)

  • Storage:
    • 2MB SPI NOR Flash (Expandable*)
    • 4GB eMMC Flash (Expandable*)
    • On-Board Micro SD slot
    • NAND Flash*

  • MXM 3.0 RVS Edge Connector- 314 Pins:

    • PCIe v2.0 x 1 Lane
    • SATA 3.0 x 1 port**
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Dual LVDS ports
    • USB 2.0 Host
    • USB 2.0 OTG
    • Audio ports- 3Nos
    • SD/SDIO/MMC ports- 3Nos
    • RGB interface 24bit
    • CAN (2Nos), ESAI (1No), MLB (1No), SPDIF (1No)
    • UART (5Nos), CSI (2Nos), I2C (3Nos), SPI (5Nos)
    • Memory Bus, GPIOs

  • Expansion Connector- 100 Pins:
    • HDMI 1.4
    • MPI CSI & DSI
    • MLB differential
    • RGMII interfac
    • ENET interface
    • GPIOs

  • Form Factor: 85mm x 85 mm

  • Power Input: 5V

  • Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

  • OS Support: Linux 3.0.35, Android 4.0.4

  • REACH & RoHS Compliant

* Optional features are not supported by default

** Support available only for i.MX6 Quad and Dual SOMs

Note: For exact orderable part number and its associated deliverables, please refer to the Deliverables section of this page.


  • ARM Cortex A9 @ 1GHz Quad/Dual/DualLite/Solo core
  • OpenGL® ES 2.0 3D, OpenVGTM 1.1graphics accelerators
  • Multi format HD 1080p HW decode and encode
  • Four simultaneous display support
  • 64 bit DDR3- 1066 support
  • Technical and quick customization support