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GE Intelligent Platforms' BusTools-1553 v.7 is an integrated, Microsoft Windows-based, application solution for MIL-STD-1553 test, analysis and simulation. BT-1553 software harnesses the power of GE's hardware interfaces on PCI, CompactPCI, PCMCIA, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PC/AT, VME and VXI platforms for simplified control over simulation, display, data logging, playback, and protocol analysis of MIL-STD-1553/1760 A and B networks.

BT-1553 is compatible with both single-function and multi-function boards. Using an intuitive GUI interface designed for inter-activity, you can quickly monitor and analyze bus traffic, create and modify messages while running, display multiple real-time engineering unit values and user-formatted graphs. Additional features include controlling multiple buses simultaneously, injecting/detecting errors, and rapid filtering of displayed or recorded data for both live and replay modes.

Quickly select individual data words from any bus message with our unique Selective Data Watch feature. With integrated high/low limit checking, real-time engineering unit display, DDE output, automatic limit event logging, and the snapshot feature, Selective Data Watch can save hours when tracking down elusive system problems.

Pass3200 Log File Compatibility
BusTools-1553 allows reading and analyzing of PASS3200 and PASS1000 log files. A file converter tool is provided in order to convert these files into a format readable by BusTools-1553 or any custom made program developed using the BusTools-1553 API (BMD file). Converted PASS files can be loaded and analyzed in any of the viewer tools available in BusTools-1553. The converted log files can also be replayed using the BusTools-1553 playback feature.

Product Specifications
  • Easy Text File Inport/Outport
  • Full Simulation and Error Injection
  • Full Bus and Multi Channel Data Logging
  • Real-time EU displays

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