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iMX25SODIMM freescale


Key Benefits

• Low cost solution
• Standard SODIMM connector
• Powerful CPU (up to 400MHz)
• Ready to use design – reduced time to market  
• No JTAG needed
• Windows CE 6.0 and Linux BSP freely available

Product Specifications

• Single 3.3V power supply, power energy management
• On-the-fly video processing
• Powerful ARM9 processor
• USB 2.0 high speed (480Mbps)
• Integrated Fast Ethernet controller
• Up to 800x600 video controller resolution

• < 1.5 W power consumption
• Available in extended temperature range (-20 °C to + 85 °C)

This module comes with extended software support in order to reduce development costs and shrink time to market.
Software support includes:
 • U-Boot
 • WinCE and Linux BSPs
 • Ready-to-use cross-compilation tools and environment
 • Native, high performance Qt libraries
This allows the development of working applications in just a few days.
On the iMX-25 module Si14 also offers support and assistance in developing custom boards, allowing the reduction of development time, certification and prototyping costs.

Design support includes:
 • Sample schematics
 • Application notes for iMX-25 peripheral implementation

Ordering Information Part number / Description:

 • 1001A iMX-255 with 64MB DDR2 and SPI flash boot
 • 1001B iMX-255 with 128MB DDR2 and 4GB Nand flash
 • Custom versions on request

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