Embedded Technologies, Inc.

PCI-9114 Series


32-CH 16-Bit Up to 250 kS/s Multi-Function DAQ Cards

Product Specifications


  • Supports a 32-bit 5 V PCI bus,
  • 16-bit A/D resolution
  • Up to 100 kS/s sampling rate (PCI-9114DG and PCI-9114HG)
  • Up to 250 kS/s sampling rate PCI-9114A-DG and PCI-9114A-HG)
  • 32-CH single-ended or 16-CH differential analog inputs
  • Bipolar or unipolar analog input ranges
  • On-board 1 k-sample A/D FIFO
  • Programmable gains: x1, x2, x4, x8 (PCI-9114DG and PCI-9114A-DG), and x1, x10, x100 (PCI-9114HG and PCI-9114A-HG)


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