Embedded Technologies, Inc.


Company Overview

Over the years, SECO has developed highly technological know-how in the embedded electronics industry and in-depth knowledge of Italy’s entrepreneurial and industrial network which have helped to orient their company towards a customer-focused development model. Their quick pace and ever-changing nature of the Hi-Tech market has not prevented SECO from demonstrating their ability to adapt to the continual modifications that are essential for technological progress.  The company has succeeded in staying one step ahead of the market, guiding its customers towards more innovative solutions and reducing its product's time-to-market.

Therefore, SECO is positioned in the market as the ideal partner for companies that manufacture highly technological products for medical, automotive, transportation, telecommunications, gaming and infotainment applications as their core-business. SECO’s attention is focused on the development of innovative products: it starts with both Single Board Computers and COM (Computer On Module)  and, as a result of its long-standing experience in the field of embedded electronics and by taking advantage of the latest technologies available on the market, it arrives at the presentation of new standards that are better suited to the new and ever-growing demands of its customers.


SECO has an R&D department (Hardware Development, PCB Layout, mechanical CAD, BIOS development, Software Development and Technical Office), other than the Quality, Commercial, Marketing and Administrative Departments.

Through PSM (Professional Surface Mounting) – SECO’s manufacturing unit which incorporate Quality (company ISO9001 certified), Purchases, Warehouse, SMT, PTH, AOL, Complete System Assembly, Tests, Mechanics and Customer Assistance Departments – SECO constantly monitors their entire productive process from the devising of the same to the mass production of innovative and highly integrated systems.

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SECO Product Category
Model Description Platforms Form Factor Price
SECO945/N270 COM Express™ with Intel® Atom® N270 Atom ComExpress $Call
QUADMO747-XL New board on Qseven™ Atom Q7 $Call
SECOMEXP-ION COM-Express™ Atom ComExpress $Call
SECOMX-945 XTX Module Core2Duo XTX $Call
SECOCQ7-mITX mini-ITX™ Carrier Board for Qseven™ modules NA Mini Itx $Call