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Micro Technic A/S is a Danish company specialized in industrial electronics (Electronics Manufacturing Services), PC/104 boards, embedded PC products, remote dataloggers, industrial PCs

Micro Technic A/S was established in 1977 as an engineering company specializing in computer-based industrial automation, implementing custom-tailored turnkey systems in major Danish industries.


Micro Tecnic offers a wide range of embedded PC products, ranging from PC/104 expansion boards to complete industrial PCs.

Micro Technic has a design department who can do PCB layouts for PCB manufaturing. They are providing PCB layouts for customers as well as for their own standard products. They have an extensive knowledge in PCB layout in PADS, however, They are also able to import designs from other applications such as OrCAD, Eagle Projects, etc (eg. thru net list files).

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Micro-Technic Product Category
Model Description Platforms Form Factor Price
PV-5127S 75W Power supply with ATX control and UPS/Battery charger PC 104 PC104 $Call
PV-1075-CAR PC/104 NiMH Battery pack with built-in charger, 500mAH capacity and timer controlled battery protection. PC 104 PC104 $Call
SBC-2800 Single Board Computer module PC 104 PC104 $Call
VDX-6354 256MB/4S/2USB/VGA/LCD/AUDIO/LAN/GPIO PC 104 PC104 $Call