Embedded Technologies, Inc.

Integrated Systems

In this competitive environment, Companies must accelerate new product introductions; contain their cost while increasing quality and product usability for their Customers. A key to obtaining these goals is repeatable Integration Services. Included in this process are the selection of compatible hardware, and the implementation of an affordable systems solution. These solutions must be scalable allowing for a solution that will have an economic match with the project.

ETI’s Integration skill set for Embedded Computing crosses many platforms including PC104 to cPCI as well as customer specific solutions. It may be a Rack Mount solution or a small bulkhead mount unit configured to meet the Customer’s specific needs. The size of ETI allows for integration of Customer specific requirement while containing the cost of such changes. The implementation of this, at a modest price, aids the success of the project.

Some of the repeated results of our hardware integration include:

  • Built-in quality with the ability to track product performance assuring customer satisfaction
  • Documented history that shows the performance is repeated in each unit
  • Standardized test data which is presented in the Customer desired format.

Pairing these services with Embedded Products sourced from around the world delivers a great product offering meeting or exceeding the Customers expectations.

3U Compact PCI Dual Display System

This is a 3U cPCI system with dual monitors. A customer specific filler panel, has a hole to run cables for other equipment in the front panel to connect to the system.