Embedded Technologies, Inc.


Embedded Technologies Enclosures

ETI chassis are available for cPCI and VME products. All chassis are designed for rack mount applications. They are available with FCC, and CE. The chassis are rugged and meet all standard specification called out by PICMG and Vita.


These products have had wide acceptance in the industry. They have been used in Mil Aero, process and telecom applications.

ADLINK chassis are available for PCI, PCIe, PXI, and cPCI products. All chassis are made of rugged steel. The can be purchased with CE, FCC and UL approval. Chassis have up to 18 slot expansion.


These products have been used in the Telecom, Process Control, Test and Measurement industries.

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Model Description Platform Slots Price
3U cPCI-3000 3U Compact PCI Chassis 3U cPCI 8-Slot BP $Call
6U cPCI-6000 6U Compact PCI Chassis 6U cPCI 8-Slot BP $Call
6U VME/VME64 6U Compact PCI Chassis 6U cPCI 9-Slot BP $Call