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Custom Computing Products

Custom Computing Products are based on standard processors, designed by leading Semiconductor Companies such as Intel and Freescale. The difference is a customer can get a product with long life, and rich with desired features. Examples are as follows.

  • Products with long life mean no substantial changes to the product for 5 to 10 years. In addition, if minor changes occur, the Customer will receive change notification prior to the implementation.

  • Only desired I/O features will be implemented thus increasing reliability and decreasing product cost.

  • Implementing special performance characteristics including extended temperature, added moisture barriers using conformal coating.

  • Implementing features to increase the vibration and shock resistance.

  • Fitting more robust connectors and/or heat solutions to have the computing product align with the application rather than the customer modifying the product after purchase.

All of this may be achieved during the System definition with minimum financial impact. Due to new development tools the required features can be implemented quickly thus allowing you to get to market in record time.


Si14 offers customized embedded solutions that meet the customer's specific needs.

The complexity of the systems and the spread of innovative service managing large amounts of data cause the rapid need for embedded systems solutions connected to the network and to wide band I/O.

Si14 undestands this growing evolution: infact, it is based on continuos research, believes in product's development and has been improving an innovative integrated hardware and software service characterized by flexibility and scalability.
In this way, Si14 specializes in offering basic finished products and, on client's request, customizes complete solutions by means of which the staff implements modulare solution and the necessary I/O.

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SI14 Products
Model Description Platforms Form Factor Price
AvPlayer Multi-standard Video Encoder/Decoder ARM NFF $Call
Tx Inst DaV Digital Signal Processing ARM NFF $Call
iMX51SODIMM Complete Freescale iMX51 based solution on a standard SODIMM module ARM SODIMM $Call
iMX27 SB Complete Freescale IMX27 based solution ARM SODIMM $Call
iMX27SODIMM Complete Freescale iMX27 based solution on a standard SODIMM module ARM SODIMM $Call
iMX25SODIMM Complete Freescale iMX25 based solution on a standard SODIMM module ARM SODIMM $Call
TI OMAP Mod Omap 3 card engine ARM SODIMM $Call
Si14 U Mb PC Ready to use Atom Ultra Mobile PC. Small size, low power high performance intel Atom solution X86 Mobile PC $Call
Megrez Megrez is an interchangeable Intel Atom & EP80579 integrated processor development board providing maximum flexibility and a wide range of interfaces X86 Micro ATX $Call
Mizar Mizar Intel EP80579 module X86 NFF $Call
Mirach The Intel® Atom™ processor Z5xx series delivers the benefits of Intel® architecture for small form factor, thermally constrained and fanless embedded applications X86 Sm Form Fact $Call
Nihal Nihal is a motherboard for Intel Core-class CPUs based on Intel chipset. Design, production and support are supplied. Nihal support and spare part availability for 5 years since the date of commercialization X86 Mini-Itx $Call