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Industrial Computing

ADLINK is working closely with Intel® to ensure that they develop and introduce innovative computing technologies by implementing their embedded computing roadmaps and selecting computer solutions that best fit our target markets. This enables ADLINK to provide the highest quality and performance products with the long life cycles required by embedded and applied computing markets. Range of products include:

    * AdvancedTCA Processor Blades and Platforms
    * 6U CompactPCI Platforms and Boards
    * 3U CompactPCI Platforms and Boards
    * Computers-On-Modules
    * Full-size/Half-size Single Board Computers
    * Industrial Chassis and Sub-system

Measurement & Automation Product Segment

The mission of ADLINK's measurement and automation product segment (MAPS) is to provide the best performance-cost ratio and highest quality products for industrial I/O control, motion control, digital imaging, data acquisition, and modular instrument applications.

With our customers' requirements in mind, ADLINK continues to develop new PCI ExpressR cards for high bandwidth applications, PXI controllers with latest CPUs and chipsets, higher speed and greater resolution DIO cards and digitizers, and the most advanced motion controllers. Our products support multiple operating systems and include comprehensive and easy-to-use software packages and services.

ADLINK's MAPS is committed to be your reliable partner by providing complete customer solutions for machine automation systems, machine vision systems, automated testing equipment, and measurement equipment.

    * PXI & Modular Instruments
    * GPIB and Bus Expansion
    * DAQ (Data Acquisitions) Cards
    * DAQ Software and Utilities
    * Motion Control Cards
    * Distributed I/O Modules
    * Programmable Automation Controllers
    * Communication Cards
    * Digital Frame Grabbers
    * Compact Vision Platforms
    * Fanless Rugged I/O Platforms

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Adlink Products - I/O
Model Description Platforms Form Factor Price
PCI-9114 32-CH 16-Bit Up to 250 kS/s Multi-Function DAQ Cards DAQ PCI $Call
DAQ-2000 4-CH, 14/16-Bit, Up to 2 MS/s Simultaneous-Sampling Multi-Function DAQ Cards A/O PCI $Call
cPCI-8554/R 12-CH 16-Bit Timer/Counter & Digital I/O Module Dig I/O cPCI $Call
Computing Products
Model Description Platforms Form Factor Price
cPCI-3610 3U CompactPCI Atom 3U CPCI $Call
cPCI-6510 6U CompactPCI® Core i7 6U CPCI $Call
cPCI-6880 6U CompactPCI® Core2Duo 6U CPCI $Call
cPCI-6920 6U CompactPCI® Quad Core 6U CPCI $Call
CT-30 Rugged Conduction Cooled 3U CompactPCI Core2Duo 3U CPCI $Call
CT-60 Rugged Conduction Cooled 6U CompactPCI® Core2Duo 6U CPCI $Call
NuPRO-730 Intel® Core™2 Duo Mobile PICMG® 1.0 SBC Core2Duo Picmig 1.0 $Call
NuPRO-935A PICMG® 1.0 SBC with Intel® Q35 Chipset N/A Picmig 1.0 $Call
NuPRO-A301 PICMG® 1.0 Full-Size LGA775 Intel® Core™2 Duo SBC Core2Duo Picmig 1.0 $Call
NuPRO-E320 PICMG® 1.3 Full-Size LGA775 Intel® Core™2 Quad/Duo SHB Core2Quad Picmig 3.0 $Call
NuPRO-E330 PICMG® 1.3 Full-Size Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 LGA1156 SHB CoreI7,I5,I3 Picmig 1.3 $Call
M-322 ATX Intel® Core™2 Quad LGA775 Industrial Motherboard Core2Quad Atx $Call
MI-110 Mini-ITX Embedded Motherboard with Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 and Intel® 945GSE/ICH7-M Chipset Atom Mini Itx $Call
CM-430 486 PC/104 Single Board Computer 486 PC104 $Call
CM-730 Atom™ SUMIT-ISM™ Single Board Computer Atom EB4 $Call
LB-735 Atom™ EBX Single Board Computer Atom EBX $Call
RB-830 Core™2 Duo EPIC Single Board Computer Core2Duo EPIC $Call
RB-850 Core™2 Duo EPIC Single Board Computer Core2Duo EPIC $Call
Adlink Chassis
Model Description Platform Slots Price
MK-100 Embedded Chassis for Mini-ITX Motherboard N/A Chassis $Call
RK-440 4U Rackmount Industrial Chassis with 19-slot Backplane & Redundant Power Supply PCI Chassis $Call
RK-606UC Desktop/Wallmount Chassis with 6-slot Backplane for Full-Size SBC PCI BreadBox $Call
cPCIS-2500 3U CompactPCI® 6-slot Cubic Chassis with CompactPCI® Power Module 3UcPCI Chassis $Call
cPCIS-6418U 4U 8-slot CompactPCI® System with Redundant Power Supplies 6U cPCI Chassis $Call