Embedded Technologies, Inc.

In this competitive environment, Companies must accelerate time to market, lower costs, and improve quality and operationing efficiency. One basic key to these objectives is obtaining reliable integrated solutions - from hardware development to systems implementation.

ETI applies its unique expertise in developing integrated hardware solutions. These solutions assist customers achieve world-class performance and quality standards while achieving or exceeding cost objectives. ETI's system integration skills, for Embedded Computing, address a broad range of applications, ranging from application-specific rack solutions to high-volume value added products. Our unique expertise can enhance your end products. If you desire to test your assembly, whether you produce identical systems in lots or individual/custom components, ETI's solutions will adapt to your specific requirements. Obtain in-process, real time quality feedback. Imagine not having to wait for after-the-fact test results.

You'll have real-time access to test data that help you identify and resolve production problems and inefficiencies, reducing scrap and rework. * Built-in quality throughout the process tracking and comparing changes in results over time. * Build a documented, retrievable history of integrated test results data. Data may be utilized to identify trends, diagnose root causes and implement corrective actions. * Improve outgoing quality * Standardize test data management processing and distribution